Note: The plants that are listed below are for informational purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the plants we currently offer in our our Retail and Wholesale stores.



Wholesale & Retail StoresRetail StoreWholesale StoreBonitablue – A large fruiting early season cultivar that will extend into the midseason. The firm fruits are very attractive and tasty for fresh markets; we first named it the “Beautiful Berry”, where it originated in Earleton, Florida. Grown successfully in zones 7-9.

Premier – An early midseason ripening rabbiteye producing high yields of firm delicious fruits. Plants are vigorous and disease free, a good choice for extending the market after the early high bush cultivars. Grown successfully in zones 7-9.

Climax - A mid season ripening berry with great flavor! The fruits are firm and an excellent choice for fresh and process markets. Grown successfully in zones 7-9.

Powderblue - One of the most attractive rabbiteye blueberries that is late maturing. The fruits are medium size and easily removed from the plant. The flavor is sweet. Plants are very productive and vigorous growers. Grown successfully in zone 7-9.

Brightwell - A late ripening berry with excellent quality. Flavor is good the fruit size and berry appearance is attractive for fresh markets. Grown successfully in zones 8-9.

Tifblue – A late ripening variety. Tifblue has been the most widely planted blueberry in the southeast, because it is productive and has firm fruit. Grown successfully in zones 7-9.



Emerald ppaf – A new low chilling cultivar for early markets, known for its large fruit size. Production is consistently medium-high and will be a leading early cultivar for very warm climates. The flavor of the fruit is mostly sweet with slight acidity. Grown successfully in zones 8-10.

Star PP # 10,675 – One of the earliest ripening and most popular varieties. The fruits are firm having excellent quality, a big improvement in hybridizing. Flavor is very desirably sweet with slight acidity. Grown successfully in zones 7-9

Sharpblue – An early ripening fruit that has been popular and widely planted since its release in 1974. Medium size fruits are very high in flavor. The berries have sold for high prices up to $20.00 per pound, because of its earliness in ripening. Grown successfully in zones 7-10.

Jewell ppaf – A new early ripening season low chilling blueberry. The fruits are medium in size and very firm, being excellent for fresh markets. The medium blue colored fruits are balanced with sweetness and acidity. Grown successfully in zones 8-10.

Santa Fe ppaf – A new cultivar evaluated at Dr. Arthur Elliott’s test plot in Earleton, Florida. Dr. Elliott prized this cultivar for its fine flavor with high sweetness but medium acidity. Plants have high vigor and will adapt to most soils. Patrick J.Hartmann has always admired this variety because of its firm berry and desirable shipping quality, and it’s early season ripening. Grown successfully in zones 8-10.


Blue Crisp PP# 11,033 – A new cultivar ripening in early midseason. The fruits are of the finest quality and the berry’s skin is firm it crunches like an apple when bitten in to. The flavor is excellent and has fresh sweet aroma. Plants grow vigorously and will adapt to most soil types. Grown successfully in zones 7-9.

South Moon PP# 9,834 – Ripens a few days later than Star and it will serve as an excellent pollinator for the most cultivars. The fruits are very firm and are excellent for fresh markets. Flavor of the fruits are desirable with high sweetness and acid blends. Grown successfully in zones 7-9.

Misty – We love Misty’s early midseason fruits. The flavor is outstanding and the medium fruits are of good quality for fresh markets. The upright growth habits of the plant make it an excellent bush for ease of hand harvest and mechanical harvest. Grown successfully in zones 7-10.

O’Neal - A strong growing plant suitable for mechanical harvest because of its firm fruit, and limber branches. A good choice for fresh market, fruits are medium to large and flavorful. Grown successfully in zones 7-9.

Reveille – A plant that is well adapted for mechanical harvest. The fruits are medium in size with a sweet taste and a nice aroma.Fruits are firm and recommended for the fresh market. Grown successfully in zones 7-9.


Georgia Gem – A productive cultivar growing 5-6 feet producing fruit in midseason. Fruits are medium in size with sweet flavor and a hint of tartness. The firm fruit is easily hand harvested, and used for fresh markets. Grown successfully in zones 7-9.

Sunshine blue – A release from blueberry expert Dr. Arthur Elliott of Earleton, Florida in 1979. The cultivar is recommended as an ornamental because of its outstanding Pink Flowers, twiggy branchlets and low stature at maturity. The fruits are numerous; small to medium in size with excellent flavor that Dr. Elliott loved. Grown successfully in zone 6-10.


Ozark Blue ppaf – A late ripening cultivar, known for high and consistent production. The fruits are firm and flavorful with high sweetness and slight acidity. Plants are strong growers and will establish well in heavy and loose soils. Grown successfully in zones 6-9.

NEW BLUEBERRIES FOR WARM CLIMATES (available in limited quantities)

Millenia ppaf – Here is a new blueberry cultivar for warm climates. The plants are high in vigor and slightly spreading growth. It is considered an early ripening cultivar similar to ripeness of Star. The fruit size is large or 2.4 grams per berry. The fruit quality is firm and is recommended for fresh markets. Fruit flavor is very good and the appearance of the fruits is an attractive powderblue. Recommended for zones 8-9.

Windsor ppaf – A new blueberry cultivar for warm climates. The cultivar was released for its high yields, ease of harvesting and its early fruit ripening date. The plants are vigorous and slightly spreading in growth. The fruit ripens early similar to Star. Fruits are large, weighing 2.4 grams each, very firm and have an attractive light powderblue color. Recommended in zones 8-9

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